In September 2012, our beautiful little 3 month old kitten, Bear, was having difficulty breathing. We took her to our local after hours emergency clinic and, although she was receiving oxygen and antibiotics, she continued to be in distress. We sat with her through the night and on a few occasions, the vet told us we should think about putting her down. She had pneumonia and he didn’t think her little body could handle any more. We considered the possibility because the suggestion was made that it was the “humane” thing to do. But one look in little Bear’s eyes and we knew she wanted to live. We truly felt that if she was continuing to fight as hard as she was, there was no way we weren’t going to fight along with her. But she was going to need better care, and our only alternative was to transport her to the University of Guelph where they had the proper equipment for her. The clinic couldn’t transport her, Guelph couldn’t transport her and we couldn’t find anyone locally to do it. She had to be on oxygen during the transport or she may not make it. FInally our regular vet located Linda and her Pet Ambulance service in London. We were in touch with Linda and within an hour, arrangements were made for Linda to drive to Burlington, pick up little Bear, and take her to Guelph in an oxygen chamber. Five days later, little Bear came home healthy and happy. Not only was Pet Ambulance the only service that could do it, Linda cared enough to rearrange her schedule and continued to follow up with us on Bear’s progress. At one point, during her stay in Guelph, we had decisions to make on whether to try a treatment that could potentially make her worse before (hopefully) making her better. Linda took the time to help research the treatment, help us understand it, and get opinions from others as to the rate of success. Bear is the most loving and gentle kitten you will ever meet. We will always be in debt to Linda and her Pet Ambulance service, not only for the care she gave Bear on that day, but for her continued support afterwards. Linda, we all thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Much love, from Avril, Kristen, Lindsey and little Bear, her brothers Becks and Cooper, and sister Cleo. xoxo

– Avril

      I want to congratulate you on all of this!! This is absolutely awesome and I am so happy for you that this is all come together as it is. I have known you for years and you have been there for me and my Bella countless times right up to the very end when my baby needed to continue her journey to Rainbow Bridge. When I say be there for me I don’t only mean as in picking us up and taking us to the Vet but as in all the support you provided during the times when you were needed (before and after). You showed utmost compassion and sincerity at a time when I really needed it and it felt so comforting that I knew you would always be there for me and my Bella no matter what time of the day or night I wouldn’t have to worry about transport or company if something would happen to my Baby. I thank God every day for you and your service being there to help others when in need. I can only imagine some of the things you go through and have gone through and I don’t know how you do what you do. You are amazing and so perfect for this because even though I know it affects you deeply when some of these tragic events happen yet you manage to stand strong for the people and the fur babies no matter what the situation is. I remember times when I knew you had just been through something horrific and when I would ask you how you were doing I know you wouldn’t get into too many details for the sake of how it would affect me. I could see it in your eyes how devastating some events must have been and I could see how it deeply affected you but you still stand strong and manage to carry on to your next big endeavor being just as strong as ever. You are one strong and courageous woman and I commend you highly and will stand behind you with whatever you choose to do! I truly wish we could clone you (with all your expertise and compassion) and put one of you in every major city in the world to provide the much needed service that you provide! I am so happy for you and want to thank you once again for all that you have done for me and my Bella…RIP my dear Bella.

– Bonnie H.

     I am eternally grateful that I found the Pet to Vet service. Having two very shy cats that have had health problems in the past has made it worrisome for us to take vacations. But since using Pet to Vet’s pet sitting service, we have no worries. Linda is very professional, respectful and detailed. She took the time to get to know our cats’ personalities, likes and dislikes and health history. While we are away we are thrilled to receive updates and sometimes even photos and video clips. When we return, we find daily written notes about her visits. Linda goes beyond the regular pet sitting duties, one time clearing away some large branches that had fallen in the driveway. I have to say I am most impressed with her instinctive knowledge of pets’ needs. A testament to her skill was the video clip we received of our extremely shy male cat, sitting on her lap! This is unheard of. As well as pet sitting I have used her transport service to take a sick cat to the vet. I was very thankful of her caring and kind support during an anxious time and very much appreciated her help getting our panicky cat into the carrier.

– Noelle T.

Pets Ambulance (in conversation with previous client, now friend): “Oh, Joan — I remember that night so well, with you and your boy. You had another one in the house that was stressed about what was happening. They were both rescues, as I recall. Difficult for Airedales – very unique personalities. I remember your boy was out in the back yard – we were getting eaten alive by mosquitoes – and I knew we were going to have to act fast to get him some assistance. Once I got him on a stretcher and into the ambulance, I realized that I didn’t have an oxygen mask that would fit his big square type muzzle. It was my M*A*S*H moment. I had a big plastic Tupperware bowl in the back, I took my jack knife, punched a hole in the bottom and fed the oxygen line through. You were a trooper; I know you were having a difficult time holding it together. I kept going over and over that night in my head for days afterward, to see if there was anything I could’ve done to prevent the outcome. He was very “shocky” when I got there, and I followed my gut, but in the end, it was out of all of our hands. Each one of my “calls” are as unique as my clients. In almost 12 years, I remember them all. They touch my heart. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to assist with your boy.”

Joan M.:“Aww, thank you and I will never ever forget what you did for us — do not beat yourself up at all — you were professional and very responsive — they were able to bring him around again after he lapsed and they said that they could do it again once he lapsed one more time but if they brought him around he could have brain damage and I had to make the decision to let him go. I was heart-broken because it had come on so sudden — they felt that he must have had a cancer mass that had exploded and flooded his lungs. He was fine all that day playing with my nephews but when I called him to come in, he had a hard time coming out from the bushes — I felt my heart fall right to my feet and I had just lost my husband in October of that same year so we just figured that Mike wanted Bailey with him. Bailey did not die in vain because I rescued a guy (otter hound/Airedale mix) 1 day before he was scheduled to be put down at 9 months in South Carolina — it took them until August to get him to me and they suspect that he was born on the exact same day as Mike died ….October 30th, however they can’t be sure. So I say that Bailey went home with Mike and we swear that part of Mike’s soul is in Ben (the otter hound/Airedale). The universe works in mysterious ways. I had to get another dog because Zeke was so upset after Bailey died that all he did was howl. I will never forget you and will call you again should the need arise in a New York minute. I’ve given your number to a lot of people who weren’t aware you even existed. Thank you and bless your heart.”

My dog Owen bounces with joy when he sees Pets Ambulance Service. He is a happy rider on trips to the vets and to the groomers. Pet to the Vet has taken him for walks and looked after him when I was away. Pet to the Vet is a very professional service which combines cool, calm and efficient operation with a deep sensitivity to the needs of animals and the feelings of their humans. There is no one I trust more. I began using Pet to the Vet two years ago. I am very happy I discovered Pet to the Vet. And so is Owen!

– Ross G.

I was unable to use your service, as you were way out of town on a call. However, I really appreciated your compassion. It was so thoughtful of you to send a message to me the next day, to see how everything was and how I was doing after losing Coco.

– JJ M.

I would trust pets ambulance with any of my furry family members. I know that Linda would literally (and she has done so on police calls!) go into a house full of tear gas to save my fur babies.

– Caity G., veterinary technology student