What is Pet to the Vet?

Pet to the Vet is a fully equipped ambulance for animals. We transport your pet to the veterinary clinic of your choice or an Emergency Veterinary Hospital. We have on board ramp, stretchers, oxygen, muzzles and first aid for your peace of mind. We are certified by the American Red Cross, and have many years of on the job emergency triage experience. When transporting a critical patient, a Licensed Veterinary Technician or a Veterinary Assistant may be present at an extra cost to assist in the safe monitoring of your critically injured pet.
With inter-hospital transfers, we arrange for all medical records and samples (i.e. blood reports, records, x-rays, biopsies, etc.) for the accompaniment of the animal between veterinary facilities for a seamless transfer.

What service area does Pet to the Vet cover?

Pet to the Vet is located in London, Ontario Canada and we service the London area, however, we are often dispatched to locations that are outside of our service area because of emergency circumstances. Please call us for assistance with your situation.

Does Pet to the Vet come into my house?

Yes. With your permission, we enter your home and assist in moving your pet to the facility of your choice. We will do our best to move your injured pet safely and efficiently.

Does Pet to the Vet do house calls and treat my pet in home?

We do not diagnose, perform surgery, prescribe or euthanize. We do what ambulances do: take the patient in the most comfortable manner possible to the hospital of your choice. We take preliminary vital signs and brief history and relay that information to the veterinary hospital so that they are prepped and ready for the emergency.
If your pet has already been seen by a veterinarian, and has been prescribed medications that you are having difficulty administering – we can come to your home to assist you.

Where does Pet to the Vet take my pet?

We will take your pet to the veterinary facility of your choice. We have working relationships with all veterinary practices throughout the city and surrounding areas. Not sure where to go? We can assist you in locating a hospital closest to you or the one most available after hours. We have a working relationship with ALL emergency facilities including but not limited to: Ontario Veterinary College at University of Guelph, and Mississauga Oakville Emergency Hospital.

What kind of animals does Pet to the Vet handle?

We handle most domestic animals and Legal exotics. We do not handle large animals such as horses, cattle or other livestock.

Does Pet to the Vet deal with aggressive animals?

As long as the dog or cat is up to date on a Rabies vaccine, we can handle any aggressive animal situation. We have muzzles, extension catch poles, and other restraint methods to help minimize the chance of injury to both pet and person.

Does Pet to the Vet use sedation with these animals?

No. We are not certified to administer those types of medications. Any chemical restraint may be counterproductive in making initial assessments at the hospital. Just as in the case with people, any medication given prior to assessment has the potential to interfere with clinical diagnosis and/or treatment protocol.

Can I go with my pet in the Pet to the Vet Ambulance?

Yes. However, all considerations are based on the better interest of the animal. For example, if there is a patient that needs oxygen to breathe and is excited with an emotional owner present, that increased heart rate and increased respiration rate may contribute to the worsening of the situation. In such cases, it would be advisable for the owner to follow the vehicle in a separate car while we work on making your animal as comfortable as possible.

How much does Pet to the Vet cost?

Prices are determined by: regular hours or after hours, what is involved with transport – i.e.: stretcher assist, oxygen, etc., as well as distance and duration of transport. Please call for an estimate.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Currently cash payment, credit card payment or debit (available through Square) are the most common forms available. E-transfers can be made prior to transport.  Receipts are always issued at time of payment. 

Is Pet to the Vet just for emergencies?

Absolutely not. While we are the ONLY pet ambulance in southwestern Ontario – Pet to the Vet is also available for non-emergency scheduled regular transports. We will pick you up curbside or at your home, and transport you and your pet to a visit at a veterinary clinic / hospital, boarding facility, groomer, airport or any other destination.

Call us today to arrange service: 1 (226) 444-9911